Game Recap Week 3

10/29/06 vs. Outcasts (1-1-0)

The Outcasts significantly upgraded their team recently finding more offensive firepower and some stability on the back end as well. Coming into week 3, their record was 1-1, but they had already scored more goals in 2 games, than they did in their first four of the previous season.

On the side however, we were still struggling to find our offense scoring only twice in our first two games. On the positive side, we were 1-1 as well and we had only given up 5 goals. We expected this would be a tough contest and it lived up to those expectations.

Scoring late in the first period, we took a 1-0 lead into the second, in a tight defensive game. We knew the next goal would be a big one. As is our habit, we had a parade to the penalty box in the second period. Despite two 5-on-3’s, we eventually scored that huge second goal to increase our lead to 2-0 after two periods.

Midway through the third, we got the backbreaking goal and cruised on to victory as we finally attained our three goals.

Congrats again to Josh on his second consecutive shutout, he defintely earned this one.

Final Score: 3-0

Record: 2-1-0

Next week, Black Jacks.


Game Recap Week 2

10/22/06 vs. Skate Texas (0-1-0)

Playing last seasons worst team in the league would be just what the doctor ordered for our ailing offense, right? Well, not so much. We had numerous chances to break this game wide open, but couldn’t seem to find the back of the net. The Skate Texas goalie played extremely well, despite his teams’ poor defense and their inept offense as well. Finally, late in the third period, Ed broke through and scored the games only goal, giving us the victory. While we were pleased with the results, the “scoring three goals to win” theory was still something we needed to put into practice on a more regular basis.

Congrats to Josh for his shutout, despite the lack of offense from the opposition, he did make a few big saves to preserve the win.

Final Score: 1-0

Record: 1-1-0

Next week, Outcasts.

Game Recap Week 1

10/15/06 vs Puckhawgs (0-0-0)

Starting the new season out against the defending champs wasn’t going to be easy and it proved to be true. We found out in our previous season that our lack of goal production was going to be a problem, so our key would be defense and goaltending. We’ve had a mantra since Josh began playing goal that if we can score three goals, most likely, we would win the game. However, three goals for this team may be a tough order!

As we tried to focus on our goal of playing solid defense, Josh kept us in the game, keeping the score close, 0-2, well into the third period. However, midway though the third, we ran into penalty trouble and the champs hit us with the knockout blow, three quick goals. We scored a late one to break the shutout bid, but the final score told an all too familiar story, we need goals to win games.

Final Score: 1-5

Record: 0-1-0

Next up, Skate Texas.

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