Game Recap Week 4

11/5/06 vs. Black Jacks (1-1-1)

Our history with the Black Jacks has been pretty consistent. We win some, they win some and we tie some. Every game is always a battle and this one was no different. We were just beginning to hit our stride offensively, while defensively we were playing very well and Josh had posted shutout in the last two games. Meanwhile, the Black Jacks were coming in with a record of 1-1-1, having won by one goal and lost by one as well.

We started out very fast scoring two goals in the opening frame to take the lead. We seemed to be dominating play for the majority of the period, while only surrendering a handful of shots. In the second, after seven shutout periods, the Black Jacks finally broke through the wall. On a very strange play, Josh attempted to clear a loose puck that had eluded the center on a breakaway pass. Unfortunately, when they reached the loose puck at the same time, it was chipped up and over him, where the center was able to corral it before sliding it into the gaping net.

Still leading 2-1, we came back off that setback to continue to take the play to the Black Jacks, however, in the closing minutes of the second period, a backhand found the net and the score was tied.

The third was a tension filled, up and down, action packed period, but no one was able to put the biscuit in the basket, as they say, and the game finished tied at two.

Final Score: 2-2

Record: 2-1-1

Next on the schedule: Buzzards


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