Game Recap Week 9

12/17/06 vs. Gang Green (3-4-1)

Historically, Gang Green has been a thorn in our sides, as we just cannot seem to beat this team. Every game has been close, but they always seem to come out on top. They were ripe for the taking as they had only won once in their past 5 games.

We never really seemed to get going in the right direction in this game, which saw an absurd amount of penalties being called. Even Josh was called for a penalty! It started early in the first period, as Lenny was circling behind the net, he got called for holding and when he approached the referee about the call, he gave him two more. At the end of one, we were down a goal and had spent a large portion of the period killing of penalites, which doesn’t help too much in the offense department. Nonetheless, feeling good about only being down a goal heading into the second, we pressed on. However, that was short-lived as Paul took a penalty, which was a bad call from the start. He then said something to the ref, got two more,  slammed the door to the box, while still mouthing off and got tossed from the game. Losing him certainly wasn’t going to help our already weak offense. When the parade to penalty box paused for a few moments, we managed to slip a goal in, knotting the game up and holding that way until the end of the period. The third period pretty much followed the same suit as the previous two, tight defense, not much space for offense and oh, yes, there were plenty of penalties. Gang Green managed to have a few called on them, but after they slipped a bad goal by Josh and we were trying to mount a comeback, the zebra’s seemed to have it our for us, calling a non-stop line against our team. When they were missing calls, Josh was getting visibly/vocally irritated. He was slamming his stick on the posts and screaming at the refs to call it both ways, and that’s when he also got called for an unsportsmanlike penalty. There was little to be done, as this game had been predetermined and Gang Green slipped another goal through on their way to victory.

Final Score: 1-3

Record: 4-4-1

Merry Christmas everyone, we’re off until January 7th, but we’ll see everybody before then at the Holiday Shootout Tournament, Jan 5th-7th.

Next up, a rematch with the Enforcers.


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