Game Recap Week 12

1/21/07 vs Rangers (2-8-1)

In a rematch of week 8, when Tom N. blew away the Rangers with a 5-goal performance, the Rangers were coming into this matchup in a complete freefall, not having won a game since week 5 and giving up 29 goals in their last four games. This was about to be no different for them.

We started this game out very fast, but couldn’t find the net. We fired numerous shots away, either shooting wide or firing it right into the goalie. Finally, we squirted one through for the 1-0 lead. During the break, we talked about getting everything on net, pouncing on rebounds and making the most of our chances. In the second period, we did just that, socring twice and pulling away, while Josh was holding the fort down at the other end. Despite the offensive output this game was a little sloppy on the defensive side, however Josh was there to clean that up as he stopped 5 breakaways, a number of 2-on-1’s and at least one 3-on-0. He left a number of Rangers’ players shaking their heads throughout this game. In the third period, the offense continued to click as we potted three more tallies and completely ran away with the game. The only puck to beat Josh was on a one-timer that started with a nice pass from the corner to the slot, where the Rangers’ player fired it to the low stick-side corner.

This win put us in a good position, as we clinched a spot in the playoffs with two games remaining. Now, we can set our sights on climbing the standings for a better first round matchup.

Final Score: 6-1

Record: 6-5-1

Next week, an improved Skate Texas.


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