Game Recap Week 2

3/26/07 vs. Enforcers (1-0-0)

This week’s game was against our old friend/foe, the Enforcers, however, this was not the same Enforcers team we’ve faced in the past. They have added some significant offense, in addition to bolstering their defense as well.

We spent the first period fighting off their offensive advances and trying to control play, but the Enforcers were all over us, firing shots from everywhere. Less than a minute in, Josh was already making big saves. Two 2-on-1’s and a big scramble in front lead to some huge saves to stay in the game. Halfway through the period, still knotted at zero, we began what would be a very bad trend on the night – penalties. Our first was for too many men on the ice. While we killed this penalty off, we were wearing ourselves out early on chasing them around in our zone. With just over a minute remaining in the period, we then took our second penalty – again, for too many men on the ice. Aside from these stupid penalties, there was something else that was particularly troubling – our lack of shots. We probably had 3 shots through the entire period. However, despite our anemic offense, we escaped the period 0-0.

That didn’t last long however, as the opening faceoff was brought into our zone down the right side and a perfect pass to the front of the net was tapped home to put us down 1-0, just 28 seconds in. The ensuing faceoff finally gave us some puck possession as Chuck brought the puck deep into their zone. After a number of shots, saves and a couple of faceoffs, less than a minute later, Chuck popped one home to tie the score at one. We finally found a glimmer of offense and for the next few minutes, the play was even. Around the 8-minute mark of the period, Lyle had a shot blocked, which lead to a 3-on-0 heading towards Josh. The first man made a nice drop pass to one of the trailers who fired one into the top corner to put the Enforcers back in the lead. Moments after that, a penalty call, again on us, lead to the Enforcers third goal. A player at the bottom of the left circle fired a shot on goal that Josh got a piece of, but it trickled out of his glove and into the net, just barely crossing the line. Just less than 3 minutes after that, the Enforcers came down on yet another 2-on-1 and the shooter fired a shot into low right corner using the defenseman as a screen. Within a five minute span, we were down 4-1 and still continued to take too many penalties.

The third period saw more of the same, as Josh continued to come up with save after save. We also saw more of the same in the penalty department, as we were called two more times for too many men on the ice. Trying to come from behind is made so much more difficult when you’re killing penalities. After playing defense for the majority of the game, with just over two minutes to go, Chuck fired home his second of the night and third of the season, from the left circle, to cut the deficit to two. Moments later, with 1:40 left on the clock, Tom N. found the net with a backhand for his first goal of the season to cut their lead to one. Before the faceoff, we called a timeout to discuss the scenario, when to pull the goalie and who was coming on for him. With that plan in place, we got the puck into the zone, but not deep enough to get Josh off the ice. The play was turned back up ice, eventually with Josh making a huge save with Just more than a minute to go. However, right after the faceoff, a loose puck squirted to an open man in front who snapped a quick shot over Josh’s right shoulder to ice the game.

Final Score: 3-5 (0-2-0)

Next week, another 1015 game against Gang Green.


Game Recap Week 1

3/18/07 vs. Grateful Leafs (0-0-0)

The new season begins full of hope with a couple of new players added to the roster and a chance to build off the momentum we started at the end of last season and the playoffs.

Awaiting us as our first opponent are the Grateful Leafs. They are a strong team that finished in third place last season and looking to improve.

The Leafs took it right to us, skating and forechecking us hard in our own zone. We managed to break out a few times, finding some offense, but the opportunities were very limited. Less than 5 minutes into the period, they jumped out to an early lead as the goal scorer made a nice move to get Josh off the post and slip one over his shoulder. Down 1-0, we wanted to come right back, but less than two minutes later, we turned the puck over in our offensive zone and the Leafs stormed down the ice on a 2-on-1. Josh kicked out the original shot, but the follow-up player shoveled home the rebound for a 2-0 lead. As the period wore on, we were able to settle down some and find the offense we were looking for. We threw a number of shots at the net, but didn’t produce any high quality scoring chances as their defense was limiting our work inside their zone. Unfortunately, about 8 minutes into the first period, Tom N., who had crashed into the boards hard earlier, needed to leave because he was in some discomfort with an upper body injury. Losing him was tough, but we soldiered on.

Even after switching Paul to the first line with Lenny & Fargo and dropping Marc down to line 2, the second period started much the way the first period did with the Leafs all over us. After a flurry of shots, coming from all angles, a shot that went wide, rebounded off the backboards at the right side of the crease and although Josh was in position to stop it, it glanced off his glove and trickled over the line just before he could get to it, leaving us down 3-0. With over 25 minutes to play however, we were not out of it yet and less than 3 minutes later, Ike fired a dipping shot from the high slot that found the inside of the left post and back of the net to cut the lead to two. From this point on, the action was back and forth in both ends of the rink. Both goalies were making saves and our defense was playing very well, clearing rebounds and blocking countless shots. Doc, Keith, Bob and Lyle all stepped up and played very solid games this day.

To start the third, we knew the next goal would be big and with just under 10 minutes on the clock, Fargo found the back of the net after he raced down the right side and put a nifty move on the defenseman. Just under a minute later, Doug tied the game at 3 after he intercepted a pass at the top of the right circle and fired it home. By this point, we had found our offense and the flow of the game was much more in our favor than it had been through the first two periods. Again, our defense was steller in our own zone and it showed as we cut down the number of shots Josh faced in the first part of the third period. The Leafs were not expecting us to come back in this manner and after we tied it up, they began to turn it up a notch as well. The second half of the thrid period looked much like the first two periods with Josh having to come up with some big saves. However, with 1:28 remaining, a pass found the slot and through a maze of players that Josh couldn’t see through, it was deposited in the net, putting the Leafs back in front, 4-3. After the ensuing faceoff, we pulled the goalie for the extra attacker, but could not get a shot on goal and as the clock ticked down, we fell to defeat in week 1.

Final score: 3-4 (0-1-0)

Next week: a Monday night matchup vs. a revamped Enforcers team.

Spring 2007 Schedule



Downloadable Spring ‘07 Schedule

Sunday 3/18/2007 4:15 PM Grateful Leafs

Monday 3/26/2007 10:15 PM Enforcers

Sunday 4/1/2007 10:15 PM Gang Green

Monday 4/16/2007 10:15 PM Black Jacks

Sunday 4/22/2007 5:45 PM Puckhawgs

Sunday 4/29/2007 8:45 PM Hornets

Sunday 5/6/2007 5:45 PM Buzzards

Sunday 5/13/2007 7:15 PM Rangers

Sunday 5/20/2007 7:15 PM Skate Texas

Sunday 5/27/2007 5:45 PM Maple Leaf Pub

Sunday 6/3/2007 10:15 PM Old School Oil Kings

Sunday 6/10/2007 8:45 PM Rangers

Monday 6/18/2007 10:15 PM Black Jacks

Sunday 6/24/2007 4:15 PM Gang Green

Sunday 7/1/2007 Playoffs Begin

The only schedule quirk as of right now is that we ARE playing Memorial Day weekend, but NOT on Easter. Go figure. Each team has at least two Monday night and four-10:15 games.

New Season Notes

New season starts SUNDAY 3/18

Team fee:

  • $3900. Team fee went up $400 to cover the increase in utilities.
  • Public skate, parties etc have all been price adjusted.
  • To offset this, the league is taking on 2 more teams. This is still cheaper than the other rinks.
  • There is a waiting list of over 30 players.
  • The number of games will remain the same.


  • With 2 added teams, there will be a game on another night TBD @10:15 PM. It was that or 11:30 PM on Sunday.
  • If you play mid week you will not play the following Sunday.


  • If you get 5 penalties in one game you are kicked out of that game. You will NOT BE SUSPENDED for the following game.


  • By the 5th game of the season, all players must have the same color jersey without DUPLICATE NUMBERS.
  • The league will assign colors for the 2 new teams.

USA Hockey:

  • All new players must be USA Hockey members. Bring receipt with you to the 3/18 game.

Playoffs – Championship

Playoffs - Final Click to view a larger picture

Congratulations to the Black Jacks on winning the winter championship. The final game was a hard fought battle for both teams, that wasn’t even decided in regulation. Overtime couldn’t separate these teams either and in the end, only a dramatic shootout could decide a victor.