New Season Notes

New season starts SUNDAY 3/18

Team fee:

  • $3900. Team fee went up $400 to cover the increase in utilities.
  • Public skate, parties etc have all been price adjusted.
  • To offset this, the league is taking on 2 more teams. This is still cheaper than the other rinks.
  • There is a waiting list of over 30 players.
  • The number of games will remain the same.


  • With 2 added teams, there will be a game on another night TBD @10:15 PM. It was that or 11:30 PM on Sunday.
  • If you play mid week you will not play the following Sunday.


  • If you get 5 penalties in one game you are kicked out of that game. You will NOT BE SUSPENDED for the following game.


  • By the 5th game of the season, all players must have the same color jersey without DUPLICATE NUMBERS.
  • The league will assign colors for the 2 new teams.

USA Hockey:

  • All new players must be USA Hockey members. Bring receipt with you to the 3/18 game.

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