Game Recap Week 5

4/22/07 vs. Puckhawgs (3-0-1)

New videos are up on YouTube from the 4/1 game vs. Gang Green and are also linked through the game recap here.

Ok, this post is very late and honestly, it wasn’t our best game, so writing this recap has been a task in itself. Nonetheless, here we go for the ride.

Against the powerhouse, 1st place Puckhawgs, we would need to play sound defense with strong goaltending, collect a few timely goals and stay out of the penalty box.

Throughout this entire game we encountered a couple of recurring themes: 1) too many penalties; 2) lack of offensive/shots; 3) too many men in front of our own net/Josh can’t see; and 4) allowing shots from the point, which, in turn, were being deflected for goals.

The first period saw us fall behind 1-0 on a turnover at our blue line, which the Puckhawgs player turned back into our zone and promptly fired a bullet off the left post and into the net. Moments later though, we showed some offense and on a pretty passing play between Tom N., Alexey and Chuck, Fargo popped home his team-leading 9th goal of the season. Our comeback was short-lived however, as a shot from the point was deflected in front and into the net. With a minute or so before the end of the first period, on a scramble in front, the Puckhawgs found the net again on a shot Josh had no chance of seeing.

We played slightly better in the beginning of the second period and we kept the game at 3-1 until the five-minute mark, however our offense was still anemic, barely registering any shots the entire period. Our lack of offense really cost us when we got into penalty trouble, started running around in our zone and again, with the screens and deflections, in a matter of minutes, we were down 7-1. Two of the goals were the result of screens set up in front and two were deflections that left no chance to be saved.

At this juncture, the clock would continue to run according to league rules, so mercifully, the third period would not be as harsh to us as the first two. With less than 3 minutes to play, Marc poked home a goal to get our stymied offense back on the board, but too little too late, as this game had been decided early on.

Final Score: 2-7 (2-3-0)

Next up, hopefully the cure for the “lack of offense blues”, the last place Hornets.


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