Game Recap Week 7

5/6/07 vs Buzzards (3-3-0)

This game marked the halfway point of the season and we were looking to improve upon our current standing of being tied for fifth place. We would also be without our leading scorer, Chuck, this week, but we felt we could overcome that with strong defense and goaltending, as well as a couple of timely goals. Our history against the Buzzards was a good one at 3-1-2, with two shutout victories, but this game was completely different and over, almost literally, before it started.

:08 seconds into the first period, a slapshot from just inside the blue line banged off the padding at the back of the net, as Josh never saw the shot through his defenseman and didn’t even flinch. Just :23 seconds later, the Buzzards rushed down the left side and flipped a puck to the center that was redirected between Josh’s legs for a stunning, two-goal lead. Just 3 minutes after that, the Buzzards struck again. Once we got past our stunning start, we settled down and created numerous offensive chances. One thing that helped to turn the tide of the period was the Buzzards lack of discipline. We were awarded three power plays, one of which was a full, two-minute 5-on-3, however, we couldn’t find the back of the net to get us back in the game.

That all changed on a power play early in the second as Alexey cut the deficit to two. However, only one minute later, the Buzzards blocked a shot at the blue line which turned into a breakaway. Josh made the initial save, but the rebound floated away from him and right back onto a Buzzards’ stick, who fired it to the back of the net. Five minutes later, again on the power play, Lenny found the net for the second game in a row, to again cut the lead to two. Three minutes later though, the Buzzards finished our comeback attempts, scoring their fifth goal, sealing our fate.

While being down by three at the start of the third period wasn’t impossible, we just weren’t clicking offensively or defensively and the Buzzards scored two more goals in the 1st four minutes of the 3rd to stretch their lead to seven. With 8 seconds left, they tallied one more for good measure to add salt to the wounds.

The significant stories of this game were our slow, but stunning start; our lack of production on the power play, although we did go 2-for-8; and the amount of goals that were scored through screens on Josh (3). These were all things we’ll be looking to correct heading down the stretch run.

Final Score: 2-8 (3-4-0) 

Next week, we face the much maligned Rangers.


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