Game Recap Week 11

6/10/07 vs. Old School Oil Kings (3-5-2)

With 4 games remaining before playoffs, we find ourselves as one of 4 teams looking for 3 playoffs spots. This week, we were facing off with one of those teams, which also happens to be the other new team to the league, the Oil Kings.

Starting this game, we were trying to break a couple of trends of the last few games: giving up an early goal and falling behind trying to play catch up the rest of the game. While we were somewhat successful in coming back to tie our previous two games, we needed the head-to-head win to keep pace in the playoff race.

Even though we succeeded in not allowing an early goal, we did fall behind with 4 minutes remaining in the first period on a wrist shot from the slot that found the corner of the net. Just 1:15 later, the Oil Kings struck again to jump out to a 2-0 lead at the end of the first period.

Down by 2 heading into the 2nd Period, we knew we could still come back if we played smart and got some shots on goal. However, less than 3 minutes into the period, a shot from the side of the net banked off Josh’s pad and trickled across the line to drop us behind by a third goal. At the 6:46 mark, a rebound off a breakaway was fired past Josh to bring the Oil Kings lead to four and in the meantime, our offense, still missing Chuck, was sputtering. We did manage a few shots on goal and Tom S. even rang one off the crossbar, but the Oil Kings kept the pressure on and scored again with less than a minute to play in the 2nd to bring their lead to 5-0.

In the third period, the offense did find some life, but the Oil Kings goalie was up to the task and kept the net empty as their offense continued to pile shots on goal. In the end, our inability to breakout effectively and get the puck deep in their zone hindered our chances of coming back.

Final Score: 0-5 (4-5-2)

Next week we face off against the Rangers and while they have only won one game, they do have offensive firepower and we’ll need our offense to find their game to keep us in the playoff hunt.


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