Game Recap Week 6

9/17/07 vs. Buzzards (4-1-0)

As we started out the second round of divisional play, we were faced with the tough task of duplicating our success from the first go round just to be able to stay close to the top of our division. The Buzzards, however, were waiting for us and eager to earn a little revenge after we snuck out a late win in week 1.

Just minutes into the game, the Buzzards took control and scored to take a 1-0 lead and before we could blink, :30 seconds later, the scored again to grab a 2-0 lead. However, we battled back and Joe found the net about four minutes after that. While the scoreboard showed us down 2-1, the Buzzards clearly dominated play and kept control of the puck in our zone for most of the period.

With three minutes elapsed in the second period, the flood gates opened and the Buzzards took complete control as they scored three times in a 2:43 span to blow the game wide open. Alexey stopped the bleeding momentarily with a goal at the 4:06 mark, but with just over a minute remaining, the Buzzards struck again to regain their 4-goal lead, giving us very little hope for the third period.

While the Buzzards smothered any hopes for a comeback, we were able to find some offense and create a few opportunities that we had not been able to generate all game long. Eventually, with just over three minutes remaining, Tom S. found the net for our third goal, but with the curfew clock not allowing for stoppages, we were in a race if we wanted to knot this game up. Then with just over a minute, Doug scored and a glimmer of hope arose, but the running clock was not working in our favor and eventually stopped our comeback.

On a positive note, Joe picked up a goal and two assists and Ed had four helpers as well.

Final Score: 4-6 (4-2-0)

Next week, we face the only opponent to hand us a loss in the first five games, the Black Jacks.


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