Winter Season 2008-09 Notes

The new season starts this Sunday 12/7.
Here are some league notes:
– The Hornets (0-16 last season) will be disbanding and a new team (to be officially named later) will be brought in to take their spot.
– The divisions are slightly reworked. We have two new teams in our division, the Puckhawgs and the new team. Just One More, Frankensteins, and Gang Green are the repeats.
– We’re still playing a 16 game regular season with 3 guaranteed games at the end, either playoff or consolation.
– We won’t play Super Bowl or Easter Sunday (as far as I know)
– In the event of a tie, there will be a 5-player shootout. The losing team gets an overtime loss in the standings.  This is a 5 week trial to see how it goes.
– Team fees were raised this season. We have 15 rostered players (14 skaters), which means the per player fee is now $290. This equals $18/per game.

Schedule to follow.


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