Winter Spring 2009-10 Schedule

Winter 2009-10 Schedule

Downloadable Schedule

We will not be playing on Thanksgiving Weekend, Super Bowl Sunday or Easter Sunday. In addition, we will not play on Sunday’s during the holidays.

If you will not be able to make a game, please let Marc or Josh know as early as possible, so a sub can be notified.

Day Date Time Opponent Beer Duty
Monday 11/2/09 10:00 pm Maple Leaf Pub Joe
Sunday 11/8/09 7:15 pm Grateful Leafs Matt
Sunday 11/15/09 4:15 pm Buzzards Lyle
Sunday 11/22/09 10:15 pm Enforcers Keith
Sunday 12/6/09 5:45 pm Oil Kings Doug
Sunday 12/13/09 5:45 pm Gang Green Bob
Monday 1/11/10 10:00 pm Puckhawgs Justin
Sunday 1/17/10 7:15 pm Last Year’s Champs Doc
Sunday 1/24/10 4:15 pm Rangers Ed
Sunday 1/31/10 10:15 pm Just One More Aaron
Sunday 2/14/10 8:45 pm Frankensteins Ryan
Sunday 2/21/10 4:15 pm Maple Leaf Pub Jeremy
Sunday 2/28/10 8:45 pm Grateful Leafs Horace
Monday 3/8/10 10:00 pm Buzzards Marc
Sunday 3/14/10 5:45 pm Enforcers Lenny
Sunday 3/28/10 10:15 pm Oil Kings Josh
Sunday 4/11/10 TBA Playoffs Round 1 TBD
Sunday 4/18/10 TBA Semi-Finals TBD
Sunday 4/25/10 TBA Division Finals TBD
Sunday 5/2/10 TBA Championship Sunday TBD

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