Personal Info:

Name: Matthew

Nickname: None (Crazy Bob calls me Milwaukee)

DOB: 12/17/1984

Birthplace: Naperville, Illinois USA

Jersey Number: #82

Shoots: Left

Position: Left/Right Wing

Experience: 18 years


Player Growing Up: Eddie “The Eagle” Belfour

NHL Team: Blackhawks

Hockey Memory: Scoring the GWG in a shoot out

Hockey Superstition: Only use Sherwood sticks and always wear a Marquette hockey tshirt

Food: Spaghetti and Steak

Alcoholic Beverage: All beer (prefer Miller products), Jack Daniels and Bacardi Rum.

Music: Classic rock (preferably from 1961 – 1987), 90’s rock, rap

Additional Info:

Advice for Young Players: “Stay in school.”

Hobbies Outside of Hockey: I enjoy running, swimming, weight lifting, golf, beer league softball, etc…

Things You Can’t Live Without:

1. Chicago Bears Football

2. Purdue Basketball

3. Family

Final Thoughts/Personal Quote: “Never die easy…” – The Late Great Walter Payton

Pictures coming soon!


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